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Lois Hornbostel, 135 Pine Meadows Rd., Bryson City, NC 28713


Lois's Music

Lois at Augusta Cajun & Creole Week concert with Al Berard & Jesse Lége.

Content of Lois's performances:

The styles of music Lois plays include old-time Appalachian, Celtic, Cajun, Classical, World Folk Music, and original humorous songs. Lois's programs contain elements of Appalachian dulcimer history and culture. Her playing styles include traditional strummed style, fingerpicking, flatpicking, and her mountain dulcimers run the gamut in musical keys and models, including the epinette des Vosges, an ancient French "cousin" of the Appalachian dulcimer.


Some reviews of Lois's playing:

Göran Olsson, master Swedish fiddler: "I have been traveing the world for music, and it's truly one world. My music friends are everywhere, and they are like diamonds on the necklace that I call my life. Here is one of my diamonds performing, Lois Hornbostel, with her mountain dulcimer. Just close your eyes and listen to this beautiful song..." ('Polly Swallow' video below.)

See "About Lois" page of this website.


Representative Performances:

See "About Lois" page of this website.


Some Music by Lois:

"Pipe on the Hob" Irish jig played on mountain dulcimer by Lois Hornbostel, with guitar accompaniment by Shana Austen and bodhran by Jesse Winch, from "Vive le Dulcimer!" © Lois Hornbostel.  


"Polly Swallow" written by Mike Fenton and performed by Lois Hornbostel at Indiana Dulcimer Festival.


"Alleluia, Sing to Jesus" played by Lois Hornbostel on a midi dulcimer (with organ & voices backing up mountain dulcimer sound) Jan. 2014.



 Workshops Lois Teaches

Lois and students at Augusta Heritage Center.

Some Reviews of Lois's Teaching:

"Lois's classes are well organized, clearly presented, and she always takes time to answer questions ... I have a great deal of respect for Lois as a researcher into the history of the dulcimer and its music."... Dr. Susan Porter, Ohio State University, ethnomusicologist and organizer Great Black Swamp Dulcimer Festival


"I loved the class you taught in old-time and Cajun music and feel that you helped me make a lot of progress. It was so beneficial and as a result, I feel like I understand more and have improved in my abilities. I appreciate your style of teaching and your attention to your students. I also loved the tunes you selected and your willingness to 'be there' for us. I am so excited that you'll be there again!" ... student, Augusta Heritage Center


"Lois is a special combination of an excellent performer and a talented educator. I like her teaching because she is such an innovator. Her manner with students is kind and humorous. As a teacher at the Appalachian State University Dulcimer Playing Workshop she was a mainstay and each year added to her teaching skills and contributed new ideas. She was on our performing /teaching staff for seven consecutive years, and in 1987 I asked her to succeed me as the Workshops Director. From then until 1999 Lois built a good, small program into the largest and best in the country."... Dr. William G. Spencer, founder, Appalachian State University Dulcimer Workshop


"Lois's classes were packed with students–a testimony to her popularity."...Susan Howell, Harvest Festival of Dulcimers, Dana Point, CA


"It's rare for someone as gifted as a musician as Lois is, to have such good organizational and interpersonal talents as well."...Bonnie Carol, legendary dulcimer player


Lois is currently offering the following hands-on dulcimer playing workshops to add excitement and solid teaching to your dulcimer event or for your dulcimer-playing club or group. Her fees for these events are reasonable (see FEES below). These classes are adjustable to your needs and can span the skill levels mentioned focus on the particular level of your choice. Typical length is 1-1/4 hours but they can be condensed to an hour or cover more material in more time, up to several hours. Let Lois know which you are interested in and she'll give you a full description.


Workshop Titles:

The following subjects are just a sampling of the workshops Lois teaches, and she has lots more based on her extensive experience in different dulcimer playing styles and musical genres. Classes can be tailored to the needs of an event or group of players, so don't hesitate to ask if you want a class that is not on this list of examples.



No Experience Necessary - Very Basics of Playing


Beginners & Up

Make Friends & Influence People -Demonstrating the Mt. Dulcimer

Strumming Techniques & Rhythm Patterns for Mountain Dulcimer

Jam Session Primer and Repertoire for Mountain Dulcimer Basic

Chords & Harmonies on Mountain Dulcimer

Memorizing a Tune

Ouch! Playing by Ear

Playing for Children


Advanced Beginner

You're Gettin' the Hang of It! - Advanced Beginner Techniques


Advanced Beginner & Up

Chord-Melody Style Playing

Chords for Accompaniment & Melody Beautification

Skin & Nails" - Basic Fingerpicking

Flatpicking and Crosspicking

The Magnificent Capo

Capo'd Tunes

The Beauty of DAA Tuning

Advantages of DAD Tuning

Simple Improvisation

Improving Tone and Clarity with Your Left Hand

Hammered Dulcimer Techniques for Mountain Dulcimer

Traditional Music of the North Carolina Mountains

Music from the Great American Melting Pot

Cajun Music for Mountain Dulcimer

Celtic Music Sampler

American Fiddle Tunes

International Fiddle Tunes

That Old 'Lonesome' Sound - Minor Modal Melodies

All Together Now!

Duets & Ensembles



Intermediate Mountain Dulcimer Playing & Repertoire

Intermediate & Advanced Irish Music

Learn the 'Scots Snap'

Arranging for Mt. Dulcimer in Three Styles

The Versatile "Danny Boy"

Tunes with Key Changes



Advanced Mountain Dulcimer Playing & Repertoire



Festival Organizers: Lois's fees for festival engagements are based on her travel costs and a reasonable fee that should fit your budget.

Dulcimer Clubs: Lois often tours different parts of the country and loves to work with local dulcimer players. Dulcimer club programs are based on a reasonable admission fee for club members.

Music Organizations/Concert Venues: Lois is also available for performance-only engagements. Publicity packets available.



Lois's Contacts:

Note new mailing address:

Lois Hornbostel
135 Pine Meadows Rd.
Bryson City, NC 28713

What's New?

Lois's CALENDAR page!

Visit the updated "Calendar" page for exciting new events Lois and music partner Ehukai Teves will be attending.


Lois Hornbostel and Hawaiian singer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Ehukai Teves present concerts of their many styles of colorful music. For info on their performances and musical workshops they teach visit DulcimerMusic.Net

Dulcimerville 2013 was a success!

Since 2010 Lois has produced "Dulcimerville" events at the beautiful Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC. Weekend Dulcimerville events are planned, which will allow Lois more time for her music and touring. Updates on Dulcimerville events will be listed at 

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